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The Heart of the Matter...

It's not about your weight--it's about your heart.

It's about knowing who--and whose--you are

It's about knowing how deeply and vastly you are loved.

It's about no longer beating yourself up for how much you weigh.

It's about transforming your mind with Truth from God's perspective, because when the mind is truly renewed, everything else will fall into its proper place. 

Yep, we're a bit different

At Thin Within, we're not a diet program, we're a whole person program. Yes, body, but also mind and spirit. 


Because when those three are flowing in harmony, change happens. True transformation from the inside out.


Shame has no place with us. But kindness? Gentleness? Love? 

Ah...those we embrace in full measure.


Won't you join us?


As a way to get to know each other, we'd like to offer you a FREE Build a Thin Within Life Handbook designed to give you step-by-step help with launching your Thin Within journey toward physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

Meet the Owner

Heidi Bylsma-Epperson

Hi, I'm Heidi.


I know I am supposed to tell you I lost weight once a long time ago and never gained it back. But that's not the truth.


I've gained and lost, gained and lost.


And that has taught me the deepest lesson of my life.


I needed to learn that this body I'm living in is just a container for the real me. A me that is loved beyond measure, a me that is delighted in by my heavenly Father, a me that isn't defined by the scale, a me that is stepping into the beauty of not hearing even a whisper of condemnation, a me that has truly been set free.


If you long for the same, please join us! So you can get to know us better, we're offering a free  Build a Thin Within Life Handbook in downloadable and printable PDF format. 

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Do we release weight? Yes, even while growing a fuller life!

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