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    The Thin Within Inner Circle is a:

    • Members-only community
    • Includes ongoing access to your Thin Within coaches, Heidi Bylsma-Epperson (MBECC) and Christina Motley.
    • Includes "special access" to Michael Epperson, certified Mind Body Eating Coach (MBECC) and Functional Nutrition Alliance Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor (CFNC)

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      Thin Within Inner Circle.

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      • Enjoy the camaraderie of community on your Thin Within Journey.

      • Strategize how to overcome common mis-steps and stumbles!

      • STUDY great curriculum together with other like-minded folks!

      • Find fresh motivation from coaching calls and special Thin Within "gifts." 

      • Access  2 Thin Within coaches at a fraction of the cost of other coaching options.

      • Learn how to enjoy the freedom of Thin Within without going to excess!

      • Experience greater intimacy with God and break free from emotional weight.

      •  Release excess physical weight! 

      In addition, we create great gifts and tools

      just for Inner Circle Members.

      Like the 12-page Thin Within Self-Care worksheets: 


      And the Calendar/Planner pages like these:

      Physical bodies growing smaller, as our hearts grow fuller!

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      Our Team

      Three of us are on duty and available for you in the Thin Within Inner Circle.

      Heidi Bylsma-Epperson

      Lead Thin Within Coach

      Mind Body Eating Coach, Certified Institute for the Psychology of Eating

      Heidi has been involved with the leadership of the Thin Within ministry for the past 20 years. Heidi coaches one-on-one, speaks, writes, and coaches small groups as well as leads the charge in the Thin Within Inner Circle.

      Christina Motley

      Thin Within Coach

      Christina has been involved in coaching Thin Within small coaching groups since 2015 and is now seeing coaching clients one on one. Christina is walking in victory!

      Michael Epperson

      Mind Body Eating Coach (IPE)

       Functional Nutrition Counselor (CFNC)

      Michael has enjoyed a career of creating food for people to enjoy, via catering, conference center meal preparation, and owning/operating a wholesale bakery and café. He has studied with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and has received his certification as a Mind, Body, Eating, Coach.

      What you get with your monthly membership to Thin Within's Inner Circle:

      • Monthly Training in ZOOM and Facebook LIVEs.

        Christina and Heidi will do LIVE video trainings to help you overcome challenging situations and to be reminded of the best Thin Within tips and tricks.

      • New ideas shared with you first!

        We have some ideas and need some "guinea pigs" to bounce them off of! Field questions for us and be our "test group" for new curriculum and class ideas! You get these goodies at no extra cost before we start charging others for the same thing.

      • Study materials archived for you to access.

        So far, we have completed video teaching and discussions on several topics:

        1. Thin Within's 8 Keys to Conscious Eating.
        2. Thin Within: A Grace-Oriented Approach to Lasting Weight Loss.
        3. Overcoming Cravings Masterclass - a 4-part training including notes, videos, and homework. 
      • New Tools Created for You

        Mind Renewal tools make all the difference in changing our desires so we want to eat between physical hunger and satisfaction. We are uploading mind renewal freebies each week. Truth Lists, Questions in the spirit of "I Deserve a Donut" and others!

      • Ask questions and get feedback within 24 hours.

        Ask your Thin Within questions and we will be glad to answer you right there on Facebook. (Those without Facebook can post questions in our membership portal.)


      • Need resources? Ask and you will receive!

        If you wonder about resources that might support you, ask and we will point you to videos, audios, blog posts or any other resources that might meet the need. In fact, we will be posting this in the group frequently.

      • Discounts on Coaching and Programs

        Receive 10% off any of our products, classes, and coaching group options.

      • Studies of Thin Within materials

        We offer an option in the Inner Circle to study Thin Within materials with us. The coaches create videos for this purpose that have never been used before. 

      • Study Curriculum Together in a supportive environment!

        Join us for the study of From Failure to Freedom starting in September 2021

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      There is support available for you.

      Heidi, Christina and Michael are so grateful to have the privilege of supporting you on your journey!

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