Heidi Bylsma-Epperson

  • Weekly One-on-One Calls

    Each week, ask questions, strategize, celebrate with a one-on-one discussion with Heidi Bylsma-Epperson, your Thin Within coach for three months. Get ideas about how to navigate special events, holidays, birthday parties, and stressful situations with your Thin Within Keys to Conscious Eating boundaries in tact! Learn from slips, stumbles, and falls by inviting God IN to the mess-ups!

  • Email Support

    Select "Action Steps" (also referred to as Baby Steps) to work on during the week. If you need extra support between your calls each week, Heidi will gladly respond to your questions, comments, and reports via email.

  • Resources

    VIP members receive all kinds of goodies for their investment, including complimentary membership to the Thin Within Inner Circle, access to courses in our Academy that may be supportive to your journey, such as Overcoming Cravings, From Failure to Freedom, Beating Night-Time Overeating, and Fresh Wind Fresh Desire videos.

$1097 for three-month VIP coaching package

or $397/month in 3 installments

  • Pull away from too much food and draw near to God.

    There is no need to diet in order to get rid of unwanted weight. Instead, by eating less of the foods we enjoy, we can experience a freedom that diets can't even begin to compete with! We go to God with all those worries and concerns that have been taking us to food. Our intimacy with God deepens as never before.

  • No "special food" needed! Release weight with "normal" food!

    If you have never given this approach a try, you will be floored to find that it really does work. Select small portions of any food you enjoy when you are hungry and experience freedom, peace and victory--and weight loss!

$1097 purchases the three-month VIP coaching package with Heidi.

  • Weekly Live Calls

    Each week, Heidi will meet with you. Together, you will celebrate victories, discuss what can be learned from mess-ups, slips, and stumbles, and strategize for the upcoming week.

  • Accountability and Support via email.

    Sometimes, all we need is just a little extra accountability in order to string together enough success to achieve our goals. Whether it is a daily check-in or an occasional question you need answered, Heidi will be checking her email for you!

  • Texting support as needed

    Heidi is available to respond to texts typically within 24 hours when you need prayer or have a short question.

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