Would you like a sure-fire plan for overcoming your cravings?

That's what we have for you!

An online e-course presented in four mini-modules over the course of 4 weeks:

  • Week 1 - The Problem of Cravings

    What are cravings? Why do you experience them?  Are they due to a nutritional imbalance of some kind, your body calling out for what it "needs?"  What does the bible say about cravings? How cravings can warp your thinking. The antidote to being victim of your cravings.

  • Week 2 - The Birth of Cravings

    How cravings are "birthed" in our lives.  Four factors that intensify the power of cravings (we want to dismantle the cravings to treat each of these factors separately). Memories that affect cravings. Lies that we need to refute with Truth.

  • Week 3 - The Death of Cravings

    The key to transformation and what it means (Romans 12:2). The value of targeted truth. Four practical steps to overcome cravings. Truth Tools for us to use to be prepared to overcome cravings. The changing of our desires.

  • Week 4 - The Redemption of Cravings

    How taking the steps outlined in this course will not only enable us to defeat cravings, but to dive deeper with Jesus in our understanding of God and His grace. Sources of Truth for us in our quest to conquer cravings: The Word of God, Practical Truth, Researched Truth, Truth from Listening Prayer and the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Overcome your cravings!

This course will teach you, step by step, how to overcome your cravings. You do the work and you will be able to overcome each craving. Your desires will change.


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