Spring Session  2021

Small Online

Coaching Groups



Our participants: 

...want to be at peace with food, eating, God, and our bodies.

...choose to jump off the dieting merry-go-round.

...desire closer intimacy with Jesus.

...relish online community and support.

...apply Thin Within principles and mind renewal tools

as we eat "normal" foods.

...honor our physical hunger and "just enough" signals.




A small (no more than 10, including 2 coaches), supportive community of women, using Facebook, weekly live ZOOM coaching calls, video and written exercises to take our questions and concerns, praises, and victories to the Lord, so that we might experience His healing in this area of our lives.



Spring/Summer 2021 Session runs the week of

March 1 through the week of May 10th. 


GO TIME for Coaching Groups...


Spring 2021 Session runs the week of March 1 through the week of May 10. 

Tell me more...

  • Learn mind renewal tools to use as you go through any transition or challenge.

    We learn strategies for reframing trials and emotional triggers that often cause us to gravitate towards food.  Not only are these tools useful for trading lies we have believed with God's Truth about eating, but also for managing trials, difficult relationships, and unexpected transitions.

  • Receive access to all digital materials for a full year!

    With your purchase of our Coaching Group package, you receive:

    • Membership access to the Fresh Wind, Fresh Desire video curriculum and digital pdf (the workbook is available on Amazon in printed form)
    • Porch Chats and Heart 2 Hearts (video resources made just for our coachees in each session)
    • Accountability and support of 7 other members and TWO coaches for 11 weeks

Spring 2021 Session runs the

week of March 1 through the week of May 10th

Coaching Conference Calls

4 Times during the Week 

Which time works best for YOU each week?

We have three different times on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. Choose the one you can make it to each week.



Calls at the same time each week.

9am Pacific Time

10am Mountain Time

11am Central Time


Noon Eastern Time



Calls at the same time each week.

2pm Pacific Time

3pm Mountain Time

4pm Central Time


5pm Eastern Time



Calls at the same time each week.

Noon Pacific Time

1pm Mountain Time

2pm Central Time


3pm Eastern Time



Calls at the same time each week.

4pm Pacific Time

5pm Mountain Time

6pm Central Time


7pm Eastern Time

Meet the Coaches!

Heidi Bylsma-Epperson and Christina Motley (pictured to the right), Thin Within veterans and coaches, invite you to join them for an intimate 11-week  journey of the heart, mind, and body. 


Heidi has worked alongside Judy Halliday, creating Thin Within materials for the past 21 years. She and her husband, Michael Epperson, are now owners of the Thin Within ministry.


Heidi released 100 pounds using Thin Within principles and by renewing her mind in 2006 and 2007.  She began coaching privately in 2013.


Soon after the first Thin Within small coaching groups began in 2015, Heidi invited Christina to join her. Christina's creative way of renewing her mind "on the fly" and her unusual level of intimacy with God, not to mention her victory in releasing physical weight makes her a perfect encouragement for people who want support as they continue their Thin Within journey.


The Program

We are a part of the Thin Within Ministry. The mechanics incorporate the "8 Keys to Conscious Eating" to encourage participants to arrive at their natural, God-given size.


Thin Within is a faith-based, non-diet, mindful eating approach to lasting weight loss. Those who use the Thin Within approach eat normal food between the parameters of physical hunger and physical satisfaction. It doesn’t take much food and, by eating less of the foods we love, we are able to release extra weight!  It sounds so simple and really IS simple.


We agree that while it is simple, it isn't EASY. That is why support is so invaluable!

Spring 2021 Session runs the week of March 1 through the week of May 10th. 

 Will you lose WEIGHT?

We did!


    Spring Session 2021 runs the week of

    March 1 through the week of May 10th 

    Frequently asked questions

    Here are a few answers to our most common questions

    How much does being in a coaching group cost for 11 weeks?

    What do I receive for my $360?

    Do I need to have Facebook to participate?



    God promises…

    “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2).

    We want to do whatever "renewing of your mind" means as our transformation hinges on it!


    Even during these 11 weeks, if you “buy in,” giving everything you have, you will experience weight loss AND a new way of thinking!

    This IS it! The start of the *real* deal!


    If you:

    • ...come to the LIVE coaching calls
    • ...do the exercises in Fresh Wind, Fresh Desire
    • ...participate with your small intimate community of like-minded people with similar hopes, desires, and dreams
    • ...engage with the material
    • ...renew your mind

    You will:

    • experience transformation from the inside out
    • deepen your spiritual life and connection to God
    • go on vacations and trips and celebrate holidays without dread that you will gain weight
    • go beyond the band-aid approach to the cause of the struggle we've had for years
    • never diet again!



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